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Sectors Research
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The key economic sectors are covered by PACRA in detail through long form sector studies. As such, they serve to be an invaluable aid in complementing the job of PACRA analysts in forming a view on the sector, establishing the risk emanating from the operating environment in which the entity is present and finally positioning the entity’s relative risk viz a viz other entities in the sector. In short, Studies elaborate all the broad risk indicators of a particular sector.

We on a continuous basis strive for keeping our own and market participant’s knowledge up to date. To capture ongoing trends in a particular industry, PACRA publishes respective reviews in a particular industry.

These are short and crisp summaries. These give a quick overview of the sector; highlight key risks prevailing in the sector accompanied by future outlook.

Credit Comment Snapshot

Credit Comments are catalyst to trigger sector alerts recognizing any shift(s) / event(s) having wide scale impact upon sector entities. Since, PACRA generally precede the actual rating actions of individual entities; these are useful mean of prospective information on likely drift of credit quality within the sector.

Information is the backbone for any analysis. Sector specific broad indicators’ data and the trends thereon make part of PACRA’s sector snapshots.