The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited

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PACRA is proud of its long-standing relationships with its clients. These relationships are the cornerstone of PACRA's service philosophy. PACRA sustains its relationships through mutual trust and a bilateral commitment to uphold the truth and ensure accuracy through sharing of quality information for both rating and non-rating services. ....Read More

Rating Mandate

PACRA's rating mandate is a legal contract between PACRA and its client(s) outlining the contractual terms and obligations of the parties concerned....Read More

Rating Process

PACRA's rating process is a multi-level exercise. For the rating opinion, the process translates into value added and substance reinforced every step of the way. The rating process begins with PACRA entering into a rating relationship with a client. From thereon, the process entails a detailed analyst assessment, a meeting with the company's management and in-depth deliberations at various stages finally culminating into PACRA's rating committee where the final opinion is assigned....Read More

Fee Structure

In order to make the cost of rating predictable and uniform, an overall fee structure has been evolved with the minimum amount fixed at PKR 200,000. The actual fee depends on the size of the issue (instrument rating) or of the organization (entity rating) as well as on the type of organization. Information regarding the basis and detailed break-up of fees chargeable on different types of ratings is available on request....Read Morel