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PACRA Maintains Entity Ratings of Engro Corporation Limited
 Rating Type Entity Debt Instrument
 Action. Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain
 Long Term AA AA AA+ AA+
 Short Term A1+ A1+  -
 Outlook Stable Stable Stable Stable
 Rating Watch - - - -

The ratings reflect the sustained risk profile of holding company. As a holdco, ECL has a diverse pool of investment: core as well as strategic under the umbrella of its three strategic pillars i.e. fertilizer, consumer goods and energy. Mostly, ECL’s investment book is characterized by companies having intensive engineering and mechanical setup. Hence, the group envisage sizable expansion in the energy sector. Efert is stabilized though it faces challenges emanating from international price parity and smooth offloading of its main product. ECL has generated sizeable cash from divestment of Efert and Efoods hence future investment avenue would play a crucial role in its overall risk profiling. With focused and intensive efforts, ECL has been successful in overcoming challenges faced by polymer business. ECL has benefited from its LNG venture which continued bearing fruits for the company. Vopak is a sustained cash producer. The ratings draw comfort from Engro Corp's well articulated mandate, which, in a structured manner, targets development of a central pool of executive management, a focused strategy setting and capital allocation function, and nurturing of governance framework.

Partnership with the foreign international player in the food business is expected to bring advantages to the group. The ratings remain dependent upon the company's ability to uphold the robust monitoring mechanism aimed at providing holistic direction to all subsidiaries while maintaining a strong control environment. Sustainability in the performance of subsidiaries alongwith effective management of financial profile on a groupwide basis remains important.
About the Entity
ECL is listed on Pakistan stock exchanges. Dawood Group DG (Dawood Family and other associated concerns) holds major stake (~45%) in ECL. Engro’s BoD includes one executive director, two independent directors and six nonexecutive directors. The chairman of the board is Mr. Hussain Dawood, a wellknown entrepreneurial veteran.

Mr. Khalid S. Subhani was succeeded by Mr. Ghias Khan beginning December 2016. Prior to taking over as CEO of ECL, he was CEO of Inbox Technologies a subsidiary of DH Corp. Mr. Ghias holds an MBA degree from IBA, Karachi and has been associated with the group for over fifteen years.
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