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PACRA Maintain Entity Ratings of Fatimafert Limited
 Rating Type Entity
 Action. Maintain Maintain
 Long Term A- A-
 Short Term A2 A2
 Outlook Stable Stable
 Rating Watch - -

The ratings of Fatimafert reflect the strength of its sponsor - Fatima Fertilizer Limited - offering dynamic business acumen and strong financial flexibility. The incumbent sponsors ensured sustained availability of gas supply of RLNG through SNGPL network. The plant remained operational at 81% capacity, during CY16. This was an interim arrangement; operations are halted since May17. Working capital requirement surged, financed through short term borrowing; in line with the country, mainly on the back of improved gas situation in the country; experiencing huge inventory pile up of urea. Another risk is reduced international pricing, a significant threat to current profits. The entire debt profile of Fatimafert has changed; grace period of 2 years provided fiscal room to the company, while alleviating pending pressure on the financial risk profile of the company. The loan has a corporate guarantee of Fatima, reflecting sponsor's back to the company.
The ratings are dependent on permanent resolution of gas issues (a vital raw material) facing Fatimafert core operations through a long term arrangement. Meanwhile, any significant decline in coverages or deterioration in the perceived group's ability to manage its financial profile would be negative.
About the Entity
Fatima Fert is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fatima Fertilizer Limited (Fatima). Fatima Fert manufactures and markets urea under the brand name "Bubber Sher". The plant, located in the vicinity of Lahore, has the nameplate capacity of 445,500MT per annum. Fatima is a joint venture between two major business groups in PakistanÍž Fatima Group (45%), Arif Habib Group (31%) and Fazal Group (15%). Fatima Fertilizer is a fertilizer complex. In addition, the group owns Pakarab Fertilizers Limited and Fatima Fert. It also has interests in textile, sugar and energy sectors.
Fatima Fert's board comprises six membersÍž two representing Arif Habib, three from Mukhtar Family, and one employee of Fatima Group. The board is aligned to the board of Fatima Fertilizer Limited. The chairman of Arif Habib, Mr. Arif Habib, an eminent businessman and a successful entrepreneur, chairs the company's board. Fatima's current management has been entrusted with additional charge of Fatima Fert Limited. Therefore CEO of Fatima, Mr. Fawad Ahmed Mukhtar, a seasoned entrepreneur, is also CEO of Fatima Fert.
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