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PACRA Maintains Entity Rating of The Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited
 Rating Type Insurer Financial Strength(IFS)
 Action Maintain Maintain
 IFS Rating A- A-
 Outlook Stable Stable
 Rating Watch - -

The rating reflects PGI's sustained positioning amidst challenges facing the topline of the company. Though GPW mix is skewed towards conventional segments – fire and marine - the incidence of loss has remained low. The company is committed in recovering premium receivables and has made progress though further recovery is required in due course of time. The company has a sizeable book of investment properties, though recently, there is an uptick in the liquid investment book, which bodes well for the risk profile of the company.

The rating is dependent upon company's ability to completely execute strategy for recovery of premiums as per plan, thereby preserving its cash reserves. At the same time, strengthening of market position in the form of GPW growth and profitability is critical. Requisite levels of liquid investments is essential.
About the Entity
The Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited (PGI), established in 1947, is listed on Pakistan stock exchange. Majority shareholding is with Mr. Zahoor Ahmad and his family. The effective controlling stake is held by the family and directors (above 50%). The rest of the shareholding is diverse. PGI, with its Head Office in Lahore, operates a network of 36 branches spread across the country.

PGI’s Board of Directors comprises seven members. The board comprises four individuals from the sponsoring family, one executive director and two independent directors. Mr. Nasir Ali, appointed CEO in 2016, was previously advisor to CEO. He is a qualified Chartered Insurer and has been associated with PGI since 2003.
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